Create Sticky Notes From Desktop and Send them to Twitter, Facebook or Email

Working with notes can be fun as well as productive, when you have lots of things to remember and you want an easy way...

Blogbuzzer : Ping Services When Your Blog Updates

Blogbuzzer is an ultimate tool for you to submit your blog to major search sites and blog directories. Since those places are potentially very rich source of traffic, a prompt and successful submission will help you attract the credit that your blog posts deserve.

Tabbles : Organize Your Documents More Efficiently

Get a clever new relational file management tool that can categorize files based on concepts and put them in virtual folders. You will never need to create copies of same file to put them in all the categories that it fits in.

Preview Actual Location Of Shortened Links in Google Chrome

Shortened links are a great way to save those precious characters on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. But sometimes, the same shortened...

Share Keyboard and Mouse among Two Computers Connected Via LAN

You can share your keyboard and mouse across multiple computers connected on a network with a utility called Input Director. This will allow you to control two or more computers using a single mouse and keyboard.

Some Online Alarm Clock Websites Worth Trying

Do you fall asleep in front of your computer and need an online clock which can remind you of important tasks? Or may be...

NimiPlaces: Organize Desktop Folders and Shortcuts into Separate Stacks

You can organize desktop folders and program shortcuts into separate stacks using a freeware utility called Nimiplaces. This program separates the folders and application shortcuts and helps in decluttering your desktop.

Upload and Share Powerpoint Presentations With Facebook Friends

You can upload and share PowerPoint presentations directly from your Facebook profile page and your friends can then post comments, likes on it. The presentations can also be synched with your Slideshare account as well.

5 Tools to Remember Complex Passwords

Here are some web based tools to remember complex and difficult passwords. This includes a password card, a shortened URL trick to remember passwords and more.

Find What Your Facebook Friends Are “Liking” Across the Web

If you want to know what your Facebook friends are "Liking" across all the popular websites, here is a website worth trying.

Get Automatic Alerts When Someone Copies Your Content

Here are some tools which provides automatic detection of content theft from your RSS Feed. When some one steals content from your feed or blog, you will get notified in your Feed reader automatically.

SecurStick : Carry Encrypted Files And Use Them Anywhere

SecurStick is a free portable application that lets you carry encrypted files on your USB drive. You can use the drive on any computer to access those files without needing any administrator privileges. This way you can safely store confidential information as well carry them easily.

How to Transfer A Self Hosted WordPress Blog To Blogger Without Losing PageRank And...

You can move your Wordpress blog to the Blogger platform without losing PageRank, traffic and search rankings. The blogger blog will contain all the posts, comments and images used in your Wordpress blog. Here is a step by step guide.

Clear Browser Cache and Browsing History in Google Chrome

Often you would want a one click solution to clear your browser cache or browsing history. We have seen ways to clear browser cache...

SuperPreview : Test Your Websites For Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Get Microsoft's tool to preview any website or file in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Well that's really a help after creating a mess themeselves :).

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