Tired Of Same Old Newspapers? Get One With Facebook and Twitter Updates

I gave up reading newspapers a long time ago. I get all my important news online through Twitter and Facebook. Still though, I miss the feel and look of a newspaper. It reminds of the old, ‘slow’ times when everything was not as fast as it is now.

Missing that ‘newspaper feel’ I started an online search of ways I could read my Facebook and Twitter feeds in a newspaper-like manner. After much searching I found what I was looking for: “PaperLi.”

PaperLi is a free web service that does exactly what I mentioned above; it lets you read Twitter and Facebook feeds in a newspaper-like manner. The first step is to link your Twitter and/or Facebook account with the service. Next you specify what items your newspaper should be composed of.

For example, if you have your Twitter account connected, you can create a paper consisting of all Tweets related to a particular username, hashtag, or Twitter list.


Alternatively you can create a custom paper with a title of your choosing and a specific area of focus.


When your options have been selected, you submit them. The site takes a short while to process the information and form your desired newspaper. During the process, you are shown a window indicating the search.


With the process complete, your paper is displayed in the browser. As you can see in the image below, the resultant view resembles a newspaper exactly. All the articles, links, and images tweeted or shared on Facebook are displayed on the paper. You can keep updating the paper to fetch the latest Facebook shares and Tweets.


The site publishes your paper on a unique URL. You can share this URL with friends and let them get their news feed in a newspaper-like manner too.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the service is to create a custom paper of topics you are interested in and then saving the paper’s URL. By visiting the URL every day you will always stay updated with the news that you are interested in.

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