Parental Control Android Protects Your Teenager From Unsafe Internet Content

Internet is not only helpful for adults but is also exceptionally useful and informative for kids. But, the overwhelming variety of content on the web can sometimes prove to be quite dangerous for children, especially for teenagers.

Android devices came into the market and made their mark in every possible way. They provide several attractive features and that too at the lowest prices which is why these mobile devices can be seen in the hands of every other teenager. But, as a parent, do you ever feel suspicious of what your child does while keeping his/her cell phone in hands all the time? It is very much possible that your child watches adult content on the web using his Android device. Digital addiction is real and is mainly based on the type of content children explore on the web.

Pornographic content especially turns out to be highly addictive for younger teens. Apart from vulgar content, there are several other factors that make your child get addicted to digital media such as:

  • Social Networking Sites: Every teenager creates accounts on several social networks these days. They suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) which is why they keep checking news feed and notifications on social apps. Most of the teenagers even start associating their self-esteem and confidence on the number of admirers they have on these social sites. Social apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the major cause of digital addiction, these days.⦁
  • Video Gaming Apps: Video games are designed in a way that gamers never feel bored or tired of playing. They get to accomplish hundreds and thousands of tasks while playing different levels of a video game. They keep teenagers glued to their screens all day long. If your child seems fascinated to a single video game, it is time to stop them from playing that game for an unlimited period.
  • Excessive Texting: Texting had never been as dangerous for children as it has become now after the introduction of “sexting”. Teenagers send their explicit images to each other and become subjected to child pornography which a serious offense, in the eyes of law.

The Effective Role of Parental Control Android

With the help of the parental control Android as valuable as the FamilyTime app, parents can:

  • Check the installed apps
  • Block the addictive social apps
  • View web-browsing history, visited URLs and bookmarks
  • Monitor text messages sent or received
  • Schedule auto screen lock

There is a lot more that parents can do with this app. To know exactly what you can do, give FamilyTime app a free try. Explore the features yourself. You can get the FamilyTime app from the app store on your Android phone or tablet device.



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