How to Password Protect Excel Spreadsheet in Windows

Excel is one of the best tools that Microsoft has ever produced for their customers. You can find alternatives to Microsoft Word or Powerpoint but you can find any good alternative to Microsoft Excel and this why it has gained such a huge popularity. Any kind of people can use this tool to make things easier.

For example, suppose, you are a student. You can use Excel to sort out different things and make a schedule. This is the must have tool of any type of businessman. Suppose, you want to make a list of your customers, you can simply opt for Excel that will let you add number of customers and their details in a very nice way so that you can organize them later without any problem. Obviously, you can use Notepad or any other tool to organize such information, but Excel will make your tasks easier.

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Every office has this tool in their computer as it is a must have tool for everyone. The best part of Excel is you can use various formulas to do some calculation. Suppose, you have a lot of data in an Excel spreadsheet and you want to find something specific. At such time, you can use some formula to find that out. On the other hand, suppose you want to make a big calculation. At this time, this is possible to make use of Excel formulas to get things done.

As big companies use this tool, there is always a chance get attacks on this tool. Attackers often try to attack on such a thing that is popular and is being used by many people. Or suppose, you have created an Excel sheet that has confidential information. To protect that from unwanted people, you can simply password protect it. Yes, that is possible. Just like Microsoft Word and PDF files, you can use password to protect that from others.

Password Protect Excel Spreadsheet in Windows

This is very easy and not much time consuming as the in-built option can do it. Therefore, you do not have to rely on any third party software to password protect Excel Spreadsheet in Windows. This is also possible to set two different passwords i.e. password to open and password to modify. Like the name defines, one password will block others from opening the file and the other one will prevent others from modifying it. Therefore, follow the following steps to set password on Excel files.

At first, do all the things what you want in an Excel sheet. Following that, choose a location where you want to save. While saving, you will get a button called Tools. Click on this and select General Options.

General options in Excel Settings

After that, you can enter your desired password. Just enter that and hit the OK button.

Password protect excel sheet

That’s it! This is as simple as that. Hope this tiny trick would be helpful for you.

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