How to Password Protect Note in iOS 9.3 Beta

Apple has launched iOS 9.3 Beta few days back with some awesome new and enhanced features. Although, this is a beta version, yet, so many people have installed it on their supported device. If you have already installed iOS 9.3 Beta, you may have seen some new features like Night Shift, enhanced News app and many more things those notable and useful too.

Apple is cooking something big and trying to beat parallel companies by including some new features. For instance, although, there are some really good apps for iOS to get the night mode, yet, still they have launched Night Shift and some other companies are now in danger since nobody wants to install yet another third party app when something is already there in the OS.

Password protected

Anyway, one of the best new inclusion of iOS 9.3 Beta is password protected notes. Previously, users had the option to create note and save it. That means, anybody with the permission to check your phone, can see your confidential notes without any problem. It was a huge problem as any people use Notes to save various personal and professional stuffs. If you have faced the trouble, you know how it feels to be disclosed publicly.

Therefore, to increase the security of Notes, Apple has included such a feature that will let you save notes with a password. This is possible to use two different types of password, but that is available only on latest iPhones. That means, you will get Touch ID support along with regular password lock on iPhone to password protect notes. As mentioned, if your iPhone supports Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint to lock down all the notes. Otherwise, you can use regular password lock to protect your notes.

Password Protect Note in iOS 9.3 Beta

If you have installed iOS 9.3 Beta, you can opt for this tutorial to learn how to password protect notes in iOS 9.3 Beta. Before, utilizing this tutorial, you should know that you can password protect those notes what are saved in iCloud. Local notes cannot be protected using this tutorial.

Now, create a new note from iCloud menu.

Create new note in iOS 9.3 Beta

Write down everything. After that, tap on the Share menu. That should be placed on your top right corner of your screen.

Tap on share to password protect a note

Here, you will get several things like Copy, Print etc. You should also get Password Protect Note.

Password Protect note in iOS 9

Now, you can setup password. For that, you have to enter password twice and a password hit in case you forget that.

Setup password for note in iOS 9.3 Beta

You will get another button called Use Touch ID. Just toggle the button to allow the note to open using Touch ID. This is completely optional.

That’s it! Now, you will have to enter your password whenever you will try to open the note.

For your information, any password protected note can be opened with iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.1 or later version. Otherwise, you cannot even see those password protected notes.

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