How to Password Protect Notes in Evernote

In our daily life, we always forget some important tasks. The best way to keep everything in mind is that you can start using a note taking app on your mobile and computer. However, the problem is you do not have many options those can synchronize notes across multiple devices. Apparently, you can find Google Keep is a good solution but there is one problem. You cannot get the official Google Keep app for desktop such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. To solve all your problems, there is one very useful solution. You can start using Evernote, which is pretty at its work. You can get the free edition for a lifetime; some strings are attached, though. The premium version costs very low in price. Considering every feature and all, this is confirmed that you can get the best experience with Evernote. Also, the premium edition allows users to synchronize notes across multiple devices. It doesn’t matter, whether you use Windows, Android or iOS, you can certainly use Evernote on all those devices.


However, the problem with the desktop version of Evernote is you cannot lock down the app as the mobile version. The mobile version of Evernote comes with a master password that prevents everyone from opening the app. The user must have to enter a password to go through that. Like said before, the same thing is not available in your computer version. To solve that problem here is a solution. You can password protect particular note with a special password so that you can prevent others from opening your confidential notes.

Sometimes you can find few people, who always try to find your sensitive information on your mobile and computer. You can prevent others from opening your Evernote notes by setting up a password. No other third-party app is required for locking down your notes in Evernote since this app has the option in-built.

How to Password Protect Notes in Evernote

The problem with this password protection is you cannot set that up on the mobile version of Evernote app. You must use the desktop version. Therefore, do follow the following steps to get it done.

At first, open Evernote and write down everything that you want to lock down. Obviously, you can edit that later, but for testing purpose, just write down something. Following that, select the note, go to Format > Encrypt selected text.


Now, you have to enter the password and enter a hint that you want to show when you enter the wrong password multiple times. Now, as your password is saved, you will get the text like this (on mobile),


You have to enter the password after clicking on the button. That’s it! This is as simple as said.


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