Password Protect WhatsApp in Android: Lock WhatsApp messages From Being Read

In our previous tutorial, we showed you how to password protect applications and SMS messages in Android. This involves using a lock application for Android which can password protect specific applications on your Android phone or tablet device.

If you are a heavyweight WhatsApp user, you may want to protect whatsapp messages with a password. This becomes necessary, if your friends often use your phone or you have the fear that someone may secretly read all your Whatsapp messages or photos. If you want to prevent others from reading your Whatsapp messages, a good idea would be to password protect Whatsapp on your Android phone.

Whatsapp lock is a nifty little utility for Android which lets you lock Whatsapp messages with a 4 digit security pin.

When Whatsapp lock is installed in your Android device, anyone trying to open Whatsapp on your mobile will have to enter your 4 digit security pin (please note that this security pin is different from your phone’s lock screen security pin). If they fail to enter the correct pin you had choosed for Whatsapp protection, the app will snap a photo and save it in your phone. This works onnly on those devices which has a front facing camera, so you can track who was reading your Whatsapp messages in your absence.

Only on eannoying thing regarding Whatsapp lock is that you have to repeatedly enter the pin, when you want to read new whatsapp messages. This kind of defeats the main purpose of seamless text messaging but if security is a bigger concern for you, you should definitely choose this app and lock all your Whatsapp messages.

There are a couple of other Whatsapp lock apps and widgets available in Google Play store, namely – Lock for Whats App widget and pattern messenger lock. But compared to these two, I found Whatsapp lock much more easier to use. I don’t use Whatsapp for instant messaging though, but if you are looking for ways to protect your Whatsapp messages from being read, these apps should do it.


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