PathTalk: Make Dinner Reservations or Book Spa Appointments by Messaging Businesses

Smartphone users are spoilt for choices when it comes to messaging apps right from Whatsapp to Telegram to SnapChat to Viber. However, most of these apps allow private messaging to your friends, well-wishers, colleagues and loved ones. We still have to call our favorite salon to book a hair cut appointment or a spa appointment. Similarly, we still have to call up our favorite hangout restaurants for dinner table reservations on a weekend. What if I tell you that you can be saved the trouble of making phone calls for any such appointments with different types of businesses? Yes, an innovative messenger app named “Path Talk” (for Android and iOS devices) enables one to actually communicate with local businesses through text messages. How cool is that?

PathTalk Official Website

In this article, we shall browse through the useful features of Path Talk application and how it makes our lives easier. In fact, most apps like Yelp, Google Search, Foursquare, etc. that display contact numbers for various businesses have started giving the option of using Path Talk app to directly message the businesses.

Path Talk App Features

Smart Status feature of Path Talk is one of its kind as your status gets updated automatically when your smartphone battery is low or when you are in a neighborhood area of your friend or when you are travelling somewhere.

PathTalk App to check smart status of friends

However, the most important feature is of course the “Place Messaging” one which enables talk messaging between the user and any local business. Thus, you can make dinner reservations, book hair appointments, check product in-store availability, etc. without making a phone call. You will never have to be on hold over phone while dealing with restaurants, stores, spas, etc.

PathTalk for Business queries

It is indeed a smart private messaging app that allows you to message photos, videos, files, voice, etc. with friends and family in 1:1 conversations as well as group conversations. The privacy control of this app is amazing as all your Path Talk messages are deleted from the app servers within 24 hours i.e. your messages are off the record in a short time. For better chatting experience, the app provides quality sticker collection for different brands like Transformers, South Park, Peanuts, Adventure Time, etc.

Additionally, this app provides specific Android-only features for Android Wear such as voice-to-text hands-free response functionality, one tap “Got it” checkmark feature for quick replies and seeing all messages, photo, maps, etc.

How Path Talk messaging works with businesses?

As discussed above, you can message any local businesses instead of calling them and worrying about being put on hold for a long period of time. Once you send any message enquiry to a business, the Path Talk 24×7 support team makes the phone call to the concerned business on your behalf and replies back to you via a text message within 5 minutes of your initial message.Now, whenever you wish to reserve a table for lunch or dinner of Valentine date, you can simply message your favorite restaurant instead of calling them. The possibilities of using this messaging service for different business enquiries is endless. Currently, this service is available for businesses in Canada and USA.

PathTalk App to make reservations

Another useful aspect is that businesses can simply sign-up with Path Talk and respond to customer queries directly instead of having to answer to them over phone whole day long. Even if a business is not signed up with Path Talk, it gets contacted via the app team for free. So, it’s a win-win situation for the customers as well as businesses!

The app is available for free download on Android & iOS devices at links specified below:
Path Talk app on Google PlayStore
Path Talk app on iTunes

Have you tried this app that helps messaging businesses? What is your opinion about it? Please feel free to share your valuable feedback below.

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