PAUSE – An iPhone App That Helps You to Relieve From Stress Easily

As the technology is evolving, people’s lifestyle is also started to change. As the corporate culture became the source of employment for many people, they became part of it helping the world to advance technologically. People became busy to accomplish their tasks every day. Employees are busy in meeting deadlines, Students are busy in getting good grades and jobs. With this, stress levels are also getting increased. Many people are victims of this stress and anxiety and getting side effects mentally due to this life style. Anger, Anxiety, thoughts of giving up etc became part of many lives. 


People already started to understand the significance of meditation and getting good sleep to improve their mindfulness. Technology is also helping to guide people in terms of apps and motivation tips online. There are already some popular free as well as paid apps like Headspace,Buddhify,, Relax Melodies,Omnava etc available on Android and iOS platforms with some meditation guides, tips, some natural and calming sounds and beautiful wallpapers. By using them, you can feel refresh from your stress and they will help to improve your well being. 

Technique behind the App

Though every app has their own process of relaxing you, PAUSE has got a unique style. After installing the app, you plugin earphones. Then you have to move your finger across the screen continuously and slowly around the screen. This would help to take you into rest position first and gathering your focus. The animation on the screen shows how relaxed and focused you are. If you stop moving your finger, the animation automatically changes indicating that you’ve lost your focus and thinking something else.  You can listen to some nice calming sounds and close your eyes charging you again quickly and smoothly. 

The technique has been tested using EEG Technology which showed that it helps to decrease your brain activity easily. This is the unique feature of the app. 

Do You need this App?

The main use of this app is it helps you to calm down without any assistance. Even if you do not know any meditative techniques or processes, you can use this app easily. No need to learn anything, just use this and relax. This app is based on ancient principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness practice. It has got a physical activity along with calming sounds which helps your brain to rest easily. You can use this app on afternoon breaks at your office, early morning in the exam times etc. 

You can get this app in the App Store here. You can watch the video explaining the app here.It’s not available for Android users, yet.

What do you think of this app? Do let us know in comments.


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