Turn Your Digital Images Into Pencil Sketch Or Oil Painting

Would it not be nice that you convert your digital snaps into pencil sketches ? May be you will also like the idea of converting your high resolution scenic images be converted to an oil painting and you could possibly stun everybody by showing it off on your bedroom walls.


But this process needs professional expertise on pro tools like Photoshop. Isn’t it ? What if it could be done with just a click with some free software ? You may think, I’m joking. Well I’m not. FotoSketcher is one such freeware that does job with just a few clicks. You can have multiple effects like B&W pencil sketches, color pencil sketches, oil paints, dotted prints. Though I must say, this tool is not meant for Image editing tasks.(also read – Turn pictures and Videos into Cartoons without Image editing Software)


Download FotoSketcher and install the package. After installation is complete start the tool. Check out the following screenshot for some examples I’ve created. The effects are not that clear in some but that is because they are so small.


fotosketcher-pencil-sketch-drawing-parameters-button Explore the Drawing Parameters button for more such effects. The effects can be optimized as per the image necessitates. Each effect has some specifications of its own which can be altered for better results.(also read – Watermark your videos with custom images and logos with VirtualDub)

Trust me, I’m a staunch Photoshop fan and have spent quite a long time honing skills to use it in a pro way. I’ve seen many tools like GIMP or GimPhoto which promises to run along. But FotoSketcher is above all these mentioned above, regarding effects. I mean, this freeware sucks at editing(it is not meant for that part) but definitely scores a ton while using effects mentioned above. To add an icing to the cake, all these can be done by a beginner while the end results being quite impressive.


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