How to Find Out Hidden Facebook Friend Requests

When someone sends a new friend request to you on Facebook, you have two options.

Either approve the person as a friend or click the “Not now” button to temporarily ignore the friend invitation. The problem is that the friend request is not deleted and is hidden only temporarily and the same friend request is shown after some weeks.

So how to find out hidden Facebook friend requests which are pending approval ? You might also want to delete pending Friend requests on Facebook and clear your pending queue so that recent friend requests show up on the pending friend requests page.

How to Find Out Pending Friend Requests on Facebook ?

1. When you click the “Not now” button on a Facebook friend request, the friend invitation is moved to the pending queue. Here is how the screen looks like


2. To see all the pending friend requests, you can click “See all friend requests” link or can bookmark the following link which opens all the pending requests on Facebook:


3. Next, you can delete the pending friend requests from your Facebook account or confirm them one by one. When you have deleted all the pending requests, the selected persons would not be able to view your Facebook wall posts, send messages or see your photos from their news feed.

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