Permadelete: Delete Files Securely from Windows PC

Nowadays we are very conscious about our safety. Everybody has some personal and sensitive files on their PC. For example, it may be some documents that you would not share with anyone or something else. It is very risky to contain some sensitive information on the computer. So eventually you delete them all. But do you know when you delete some file in Windows from your SSD or HDD, its actual remain on your hard disk until you overwrite on it. There is a lot of eraser software available on the internet, but they work in the same manner. They do delete files from your PC as well as Recycle Bin, but they do not delete them completely. That’s why you can restore your deleted file back with the help of any Recovery tools partially or completely.

Permadelete is new open source simple file shredder for Microsoft Windows 10 device. It may help you to delete your sensitive files securely from your PC. This lightweight eraser application prevents recovery by overwriting the files with random data before deleting them. It is so simple to use. First of all, you have to download it. Make sure that you have already installed Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5. Because you know, any open source software cannot run file. After the installation process is completed, it will ask you to access Internet connection just for update the database. If you don’t have Framework 4.5, send click on Download.

Permadelete: Delete Files Securely from Windows PC

Permadelete Delete Files Securely from Windows PC

Method #1

There is a lot of ways to use Permadelete. We give you best two methods. You can drag and drop the file over its prompt screen to remove totally. You can also drop down a shortcut to Permadelete by using “Send to” option by clicking on the specific folder or file. Suppose you have some file name it important documents. Method to do “important documents> right click on iSendto> Permadelete” from the location. Also, it takes a single pass to do the job very quickly.

Method #2

As it is an open source file shredded, so it understands command prompt parameters. Since, you can also use it manually, with the help of some command codes. First of all, you have to open CMD by using Windows + R. Now you have to give commands such as “Permadelete.exe F:\Document\important documents.docx.” By using this commands, you can directly delete anything with the help of Permadelete.

The final words

Permadelete is working to upgrade them self. This provides you quick file shedding features. This program always displays you the final prompt screen “are you sure” when you drop files to remove completely. This is the beauty of this application. Hope this article will be very helpful for you.

You can download Permadelete beta 0.5 version by clicking here.

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