How To Permanently Delete Photos From iOS 8

Apple integrated iCloud Drive in iOS from iOS 8. That makes a good sense since whenever you delete something that goes to a folder in iCloud Drive called Recently Deleted. No matter whether you delete images or videos or files or anything else, it will be stored in Recently Deleted folder in iCloud Drive and this is possible to restore deleted files from iCloud Drive.

However, some people do not know that iOS stores deleted files in iCloud Drive for 30 days and then it deletes those files one by one. At the same time, some people want to delete files permanently. They do not want to store them in iCloud Drive. Instead, they want them deleted once they delete it from the Camera Roll or Album, which is generally not possible with default options.

How To Permanently Delete Photos From iOS 8

How to Un-jailbreak iPhone Without Upgrading iOS

Here is a trick that will let you delete photos from iOS 8 permanently. You do not have to go to the Recently Deleted folder in iCloud Drive in order to get them erased permanently. That means, once you delete something from your Camera Roll or Album, it cannot be restored. Nevertheless, this is possible only if you have a jailbroken iOS device. Here is a Cydia tweak called DeleteForever.

DeleteForever tweak adds an additional option when you will go to delete images from Camera Roll. Generally, your iOS device has two options i.e. Delete Photos and Cancel. However, after installing this Cydia tweak, you will get another option called Permanently Delete Photos.

As Jailbreak is available till iOS 8 and the iOS 9 edition is still under development by respective developers, you cannot use this tweak on iOS 9. Only jailbroken iOS 8 users can make use of this tweak that simply adds an option to remove photos permanently from your iPhone.

To utilize this Cydia tweak, install it at first. You will get it from

It has 6 different packages together. Inside them, you will get DeleteForever. Apart from installing this cydia package, you do not have to do anything. Right after installing it, you will get the extra option whenever you will try to delete any image from your Album.

How To Permanently Delete Photos From iOS 8

Wrap Up

Instead of waiting for 30 days to remove all unnecessary images, you can simply install this Cydia tweak if you have jailbroken iOS 8 device. You do not have to pay anything since this is absolutely free.


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