PhotoMath – Solve Basic Math Problems using a Camera Calculator

If your kid confronts issues solving fundamental problems of math, simply head over to PhotoMath, which is a camera calculator available for iOS and Windows Phone. What does “camera calculator” mean?

Camera Calculator is only an extraordinary term utilized within this case to characterize the work process of the application called Photomath.

PhotoMath - Solve Basic Math Problems using a Camera Calculator

Let’s assume, you have to solve fifty basic math equations within 15 minutes or something like that. Despite the fact that, all the mathematical problems are essentially simple yet you need to use more than 15 minutes to fathom every one of them. At such anomalous moment, you can simply use PhotoMath on your phone to solve those problems within given fifteen minutes.

What is PhotoMath? How does it work?

PhotoMath is a calculator that can scan math problems and solve them instantly. All you need to do is scan the math problem using the camera just like filtering a QR code.

PhotoMath is available on iOS and Windows Phone. Before downloading it on your phone, make sure you have at least iOS 7 and Windows Phone 8. Else, you cannot get it on your phone. Unfortunately, PhotoMath is not available for Android but it will be propelled very soon.

To utilize PhotoMath, just install it on your phone and open it. It will initiate our rear camera to scan an equation. Just focus your camera on any particular math problem. You will get the answer right after completing the scan.

PhotoMath Equation Solve

By default, PhotoMath does not demonstrate steps. If you want to check the steps, just tap on the Steps button. You should also know that PhotoMath is still not fully developed. That is why it can solve only Arithmetic expressions, Fraction & decimals, Power & Roots and Simple liner equations.

PhotoMath is developed by MicroBlink, the most popular company, which develops distinctive sorts of scanning apps. Apart from PhotoMath, they have also developed blinkbarcode , photopay, blinkID and other apps those work in the same way.

More features will have included by the time in PhotoMath before it dispatches for Android. Although, it is not confirmed, yet, you can get the Android rendition of PhotoMath by the early 2015.

Final Thought

If you need an app to solve tons of problems, you can use PhotoMath. In any case, kindly don’t demonstrate this application and its facilities to your child. This app impairs the base of kid’s knowledge about math.


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