A Quick Look At The Pinterest App for Android and iPad

Pinterest, an online photo bookmarking startup lately unboxed apps for Android and iOS users. It was confirmed on its official blog stating ‘Android owners have been very vocal with their requests for an app – every product announcement we’ve recently made has resulted in the question “What about an Android app?”‘.

Thankfully this time, they have listened to these users demand and Android users are now happy to be able to “Pin” their interests right from the comfort of their favourite devices. Pinterest has witnessed a manifold growth over the last year in terms of number of users, detailed by Times Of India on their official blog, surely next to the giants like, Facebook and Twitter and more recently Instagram as it’s flourishing with 23 million pairs of eyes following them currently.

This newly released app obviously adds the much needed portability to it as it lets its users to use the service round the clock on their handhelds. Android users can download this app from Google play or from apps.pinterest.com.

Now iPad users can also enjoy pinning their interests with the new Pinterest app released for them, sharing the palatable dishes at a restaurant. It’s the time to discover new ways to pin while continue browsing. Embedded browsers are just fun letting them know what others are pinning from their favourite places or sites.

Users of iPhone can now better their experience as Pinterest redesigns it’s existing app with a brilliant two-column lay out to get more tabs on the same screen and that too in a faster way.

If the functionality is to be analysed for the Pinterest Android app compared to its web version, there are some pros and cons. If we first look at the bright features of the app, there are many as users can create new pins by taking photos using their device’s camera or by uploading from the gallery. Added to this, options are available to search by Category or by tag words, which enables users to go beyond the Pin boards they are following.


Now, if we look at the could-have-been-added section of features, there are also plenty. Most frustratingly, it lacks the ability to create pins from URLs which is present on its website. Additionally, options for creating or managing pin boards are also absent in the app. You can’t even edit pins.

Just let your eyes follow your heart and this time portability won’t hinder pinning your world of interests. Even if you are not using those sophisticated mobile operating systems and if your device has an internet connectivity and a browser that meets the benchmarks of modern web, you can enjoy pinning your interests at http://m.pinterest.com. The best of web was never more portable with the hegemons targeting to get more mobile and in the grand scheme of things, being mobile has always been a major need for being social.

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