Planely Lets You Find Fellow Flight Passengers In Planes And Airports

If you travel a lot and always find it difficult to find fellow flight passengers at flights and Airports, here is a new web service which can be worth trying out.

Planely tells you which of your friends have boarded the same plane in which you are travelling. So if you do not want a stranger to sit beside your seat and instead want a fellow passenger (whom you know) to accompany you during the course of the flight, Planely can be a lifesaver.

The service also works in Airports, so you can always catch up with your network, friends, contacts or office colleagues while travelling in flights, in the waiting room of an airport or in the destination airport.

To get started with Planely, you have to create an account and then enter your upcoming flight details. Once the flight details, date and time of flight are in place, Planely helps you build a social flying experience and shows you friend suggestions who are travelling in the same plane. Planely also helps you meet new people who have a Planely account and who will be travelling to the same airport on the same day at the exact same time of yours.

Another advantage of using Planely is when you are attending a conference in a new country or city and want to find fellow conference mates who are travelling in the same flight. There are chances that other conference persons have their own Planely accounts and thus you may quickly enter your flight details to find out if there is anyone who is going to attend the same conference/meeting.

To know more about Planely, watch the video demonstration below:

In their own words

We’re creating the opportunity for you to contact passengers with overlapping itineraries ahead of time and make mutual arrangements to sit together on the plane, or meet in your departure or arrival airports.

There is always Places check in apps like Foursquare but if you are not very comfortable using them or find it utterly distracting, Planely can be a great fit. The service is entirely free and you can even use your Facebook account to create your Planely account and find fellow flight passengers in Planes and Airports.

Connect, Sit together and let the conversation going, with a little help from Planely. Useful !


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