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Childhood, ah! maybe it’s the wish of every grown-up, right? And we need friends too. Because the essence of childhood without friends is like an empty bottle of happiness. That is why co-op games (cooperative gameplay) are so much more mind-refreshing than just “Games”.

I’m not talking about buying something! Why would I? When we have some mind-blowing free options within our own browser! Let’s go “play” together.

Town of Salem

Yes, your witchy aching is taking you to the right place.

  • Witches and werewolves are conspiring against the power-hungry mafias in their own ways.
  • Also, mafias need serial killers to do their dirty job, and there they are.
  • Poor townfolks, they are bemused to decide which one should they chase first. After all, they’re “only human”, right?
  • So, murder is obvious here.
  • There are humans too. As a result, everyone is claiming to be the innocent, and accusing others being the trickster.
  • And when there is so much confusion lurking around, it will come out with a mob hysteria for sure. Now, that is our real Town of Salem


  • At least 6-7 of your friends can hang out on this co-op game, right?
  • Or maybe 15, if you assign the same post for more than one people.
  • Another good thing is that you can select your own house map too. Each one of you can, in any browser.

Which one of you likes to fly? Maybe most of us. And when you get to fight while flying? Here comes your option to enjoy both, and also with your friends, but mostly “enemies”. What have you got here?

  • A large aircraft to chase and shoot down the other crafts piloting by your enemies.
  • You try to be friendly in this co-op game, you are dead for sure.


  • Operating this game is pretty simple here, just the mouse you need and sometimes the keyboard, nothing more.
  • And you ride all over the world, the beautiful islands, and water. You just split through the clouds and not the computer window.

Missing PUBG? Here comes the free co-op version for your rocking mind.

  • It’s a browser game to taste the livelihood of Fortnite or PUBG!
  • Also, with a perfect union with super-simple graphics.
  • The graphics and the top-down approach don’t make it any less when you are burning with the spirit of your entire squad.
  • You’re gonna feel it just the perfect match in a battle royale game of shooters.
  • Your group of 2-4 people must survive over the other similar teams, that’s the name suggests.

  • Those who are the “Game”oholic people, must be familiar with the Battle Royale concept.
  • The newbies are gonna be more electrified when you have to start with almost nothing.
  • You have got the map to scour, and you have to earn your resources and equipment during, guns or armour.
  • And outlive the others. Otherwise, you know, what’s gonna happen!

Realm of The Mad God

Enjoy the fantasy world with all your similar minded friends.

  • It’s an opportunity to play with 84 of your friends.
  • The whole bunch of your FB-fantasy-forum can join in the most fierce shooting experience.
  • Along with its free browser version, the Steam release is also free for all folks.


  • Who isn’t here! Vicious monsters, mutations with ever-growing power, and yes, the Mad God himself.
  • Don’t worry about becoming a Martyr, because it’s obvious.
  • But, you earn “Fame”. And being a game, the fame is so literal like “Fame points”, which you can use to bye your equipment for the next character after you die. Isn’t it a perfect match of simplicity with brilliance? 

Gracie & Mike

Those who like fantasizing about living in different planets outside the World, this one is for you guys.

  • The name of this game refers to the best two agents of the only one Interstellar Mercenary Exterminators agency.
  • They are in a mission for clearing out all the criminal activities in any human settlement all over the Universe.


  • But, it is a bit small scale compared to the other options we mentioned here.
  • The side-scrolling shoot ‘em up platform with 8-bit graphics wants to churn out the nostalgia of the old style video games.
  • So, the “Old is Gold” lovers can enjoy the team spirit over the split-screen window with your friends and also with a gamepad as good old days.

Another survival quest in the post-apocalyptic world.

  • You are well-aware with the post-apocalyptic radiation as an added obstacle with the stony barren land all over the world.


  • So, your job is to make yourself comfortable in the primitive lifestyle.
  • Find a shelter to survive the cold, and collect food and other resources to improve them.
  • There are ghouls and other inhabitants in this world too. So, you must double check before staying or even entering in the abandoned houses.

So, what do you think friends? Was I able to recharge you all with our little “Co-op Game” therapy? Tell us more, which one took you to your own early days of life? Or maybe somewhere you wished for! We are always happy to “play” with you.


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