How to Play iOS Game on HD TV

Do you own an iOS device? Do you love to play games a lot? Here is a good news for you that you can play any iOS game on your HD TV with the help of Apple TV console and one more important thing.

You know that iOS has tons of games. Depending on the version of your iPhone and iPad, you can play hundreds of games on your Apple device. In the app store, you will get different types of games such as action, adventure, racing, puzzle and more others. Almost 70% games of iOS come with a brilliance and those 70% games are compatible with most of the recently updated/launched Apple devices.

However, Apple TV is yet another gadget by Apple, which can help you to watch various things on your HD TV. Apple TV looks something like the set-top box. The height of this box is 0.9-inch, width is 3.9-inch and depth is 3.9-inch. If you have an Apple TV, you know that all High-definition TV with HDMI support are fine with this console.

The most of important thing about Apple TV is it runs over WiFi connection, when you would like to mirror your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. I think, you have started guessing the core thing of this tutorial. Anyway, let me explain the whole thing.


How to play iOS game on HD TV?

Actually, you can play any iOS game or mirror your iOS device’s screen on any HD TV that can capable to run Apple TV. You know that if you want to connect your iPhone with Apple TV, you are supposed to have Airplay, which is available on iPhone 4S or later versions, iPad 2 or later versions and 5th generation iPod touch.

AirPlay mirroring would let you play any iOS game on your HD TV with the help of Apple TV. Therefore, do check the simplest steps to get things done.

Step 1: At first, connect your Apple TV and aforementioned iOS device via the same WiFi network.

Step 2: On iOS device, swipe from bottom to top to open Control Center.

Step 3: Tap on the AirPlay button and select your own connected Apple TV.

Step 4: Switch on Mirroring.

Now, you can play any game on your HD TV that connected to your Apple TV console.

This is as easy as simple. Hope you would like this tutorial.

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