Play’em: Watch Videos Shared By Your Facebook Friends

Are you looking out for ways to watch great videos? Facebook is one place you can get tons of them shared. However, considering the mass of Facebook sharers it is hard to keep track of every update. So here is something you were looking for so long. An app that hand picks all the videos shared by your Facebook friends. Yes only the videos and that also streamed as a playlist.


Go to Play’em website and connect the app with your Facebook account. Once you have connected them successfully, the page will reload and a player will be loaded.

The Player:

On the left side of the player the playlist will be loaded which will feature the videos shared by your Facebook friends. The player also features a section below it. This displays the name(s) of your Facebook friends who shared the video. There is also a Facebook share button which you can use to share any video on your Facebook profile.

The Idea:

I must admit that on numerous occasions I have discovered great videos via Facebook courtesy my friends there. And isn’t that how a social network is supposed to do? This is is the power of networking. Earlier I had to manually search for links shared by my friends and then sort out the videos. However, now that the Play’em is here, I won’t have to waste much of my precious time to look out for good videos. In easy English, the idea is great.


1. Is it really necessary to make it compulsory to promote the brand on every share? The “via Playem” link is nice an on every share made through the service.

2. The playlist pane needs to have a scroll. Although all videos are listed, you have no way to see what’s next or choose from the tracked ones until they are played automatically.

Although the tool does what it is meant to do, some cherry on the ice would have made it perfect. I deeply feel for the need of basic playlist controls like Previous, Next, Repeat and Shuffle.

Adrien Joly, the developer, is a drummer himself. He is also working on future projects like Why’d. As for this project, I definitely recommend Facebook users who like me is looking for an easier alternative to watch videos shared by his/her friends to use it. The comments are open and do let your comments about the app flow in.


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