Portable Battery Charger for Smartphones: a Solar Nanocase

Let there be light. Now, where is light, your smartphone will produce juice from it. I am not talking about those bulky solar portable battery charger but a smart solar nano case for your smart handhelds. It’s appears like a rich eye candy, covering your phone and the most important part is, you don’t have to carry it separately.

Admittedly, smartphones are priceless as they have become the most beloved personal digital assistant for every proud owner. Conversely, when the same run out of juice, which occurs often with me and I believe that it’s the same for the most of the people, that magic wand turns into a dead brick. A large, damn dead brick. This world has not seen anything, still, which can run a smartphone at least 3 days without recharging again.

Although, things are unraveling fast as power storage technology is evolving with a meteoric fly. We already heard about an invention which can fully charge your smartphone’s dead battery within a mere 20-30 seconds. If this invention reaches out to every smartphone owner, still, you will be needing a power source which is not very easy thing to get at the every corner of this planet.


Whatever, let us come to the focal point of this article which is to find a better solution abolishing those bulky portable battery charger for your smartphones. Juice, a tech startup who is trying to garner the requisite monetary support from the world on one of the popular startup ventures Indigogo has found a smarter solution to it. It has build a solar nano case which is able to generate electricity from almost any source and intensity. So, whether you are under a bright sunshine or under your office light, it continues delivering juice to the battery of your smart toy.


So, even if you are working under a low light at night, it will be enough for Juse to extract juice from it and deliver it to the battery. Factually, if you have the device attached to your smartphone, it’s like having a perpetual source of energy for your phone, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, an outstanding design has been the linchpin for its look and functionalities. It’s designed for the power users who seek both the performance and the elegant appearance.


Juse assembles a layer of high efficiency crystalline silicon for producing energy, a nano battery within which the energy is channeled and a power management system to deliver the juice from this nano battery to your smartphone’s battery. A polycarbonate chassis ensures its strength as a protective case for your smartphone.

It’s truly said by the company that, half of this world will be online within 2016. Consequently, world will be more power hungry at that time. If Juse is covering your smartphone then, you will be free from this hunger. Currently, it needs both your support and voice. What’s your take?

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