Portable Feed Reader – Carry and Update RSS Feeds from a USB Stick

Great News for Bloggers Who love portable Apps.Now you can carry your favorite feeds in A USB Stick and   Update Them.Great News- the Intelligent Rss feed reader Is Portable and can Run from your USB drive or CD/DVD.And in My opinion it’s even Better than FeedDemon – the Most popular offline Feed reader

Update feeds from Usb drive

[An alternative may be reading the Feeds in your email with FeedmyInbox.But in case you prefer an RSS reader to read the feeds then you need a Portable app to solve the Underlying problem.]

Situation : Suppose You have Your PC with you but No internet Connection.However,You can read your RSS  Feeds online from A friends House Or an Internet Cafe.But you want to read The feeds in your PC and Not in any Internet cafe .You don’t want to Miss the RSS Updates anyhow.

Solution : Get Great News – A portable feed reader that Runs from your USB Stick.Just Carry the Feed Reader And your Feed Subscription OPML File in your USB Drive and Connect To a Computer ( In an Internet Cafe or in A friends House).Update All your Feeds and read Them Offline when you are home.

Feeddemon Vs Great News – Which one is better ?

Feeddemon is the most popular Desktop Application for Reading RSS feeds.But Great News Should give tough Competition as it has Almost all the Features.

Portable : Great News is a Portable ware .You can carry It anywhere – in a USB Drive.But Feeddemon is Not Portable.

Works Globally,No installation Required : Great News Works Globally on any PC or System as there is no Installation required.Just Copy paste the Folder and All the feeds are transferred.But Feedemon requires Installation and Verifying your Account to Newsgator.

Includes Watches and Labels : You can Create watches and Label individual News items.A Similar Feature is available in  Feeddemon as Clippings.The labels/clippings acts Just as a Bookmark of your favorite items.

Important Shortcuts At the End of news item : Greatnews Supports Important Shortcuts At the end of every News Item.For example : You can Bookmark a News item on delicious,Email the News item to Someone etc.

Important Shortcuts In GreatNews

Blog a News item Instantly : With The Blog This Shortcut you can Insert a feed Item In Windows live Writer instantly.Also,You can Directly Blog about a News Item in your Blog ( Supports WordPress,Blogger,Typepad and movable type).Feeddemon also Supports The “Blog This” feature

Track Comments : More things coming your way ! You can track Comments of a particular feed from your feed reader itself. A Unique Feature  so you should probably give a Second thought .

Reports And Statistics :Both the feed readers gives you Detailed Reports about Which feeds you are Interested Most.However,FeedDemon has a Slight edge here as the reports are More visually Appealing

Does not Support Prefetches : The Only Downside I found.Unlike Feeddemon it doesn’t Supports Prefetching.So you can’t see the Images,Video or other embedded Media while you are offline.

Both the Feed readers Support tabbed Viewing ,browsing the Web and Searching Feeds.

My Experience with GreatNews and Why I recommend it

I live in a College Hostel that do not have a Stable Internet Connection.(Sometimes We don’t even have Internet For a week ).As a Blogger I cannot Live without my RSS Feeds.With GreatNews on My USB i Update my Feeds from The College Internet Lab everyday and Read them Offline on My Notebook .When The College Is Closed I head over To an Internet cafe and update My feeds.

Download Greatnews Feed reader .Thanks Curiostudio. Just love Your App !

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