A Portable Screen capture Software that Runs from Your USB drive

Picpick is a Superb Screen capture utility that Can be Used to run from Your USB Drive.It is a portable ware so you Don’t need any Installation.Just Unzip the Zipped File and Start  capturing.

Lightweight and Portable : Very lightweight (1.81 Mb) and Uses minimum resources.The Best part  is that it is Portable and You can easily run it on Multiple Computers from your USB Flash Drive without Installing.

Features a Screen Capture tool, Image editor, Color picker, Color palette, Pixel Ruler, Protactor, Crosshair Whiteboard.

Capture profiles : Various Capture Profiles are available including “Region”,”Active Window”,”Entire Screen”,”Freehand Selection”. But Unlike a professional Screen capture program (e.g Techsmith SNAGIT) you cannot Capture “Scrolling Windows”.

Add effects To Your Captured images : You can add Some Effects to your captures as listed Below :

  • Adjust Brightness and Contrast of an Image
  • Blur or Sharpen an Image or A portion of it.
  • Adjust Hue and Saturation of the Image or Change Its color Tone.
  • Flip and Rotate the Image.You can Invert the Image Too.
  • Adjust The opacity of a particular region.

Image editor : The In built Image editor provides all the necessary tools like Drawing,Adding Text, Eraser ,Magnifier, Pick and Fill color etc.You can Also Draw Arrows But The Support for callouts isn’t available Yet.

Whiteboard : You can Use Colored pens to  draw anything on the Screen and capture the resulting Screen Containing Markers.

Print Your Captures :You can also print any required Image using this Utility.

Useful Tools For Designers

Pixel Ruler : Comes With a Pixel ruler That can Be used To calculate The Width or Height Of any Graphical Element,Object or Window.Just Start The pixel Ruler and Drag It on the element whose Dimensions you wish To see.Change the Mouse Cursor and The Dimensions are Shown accordingly.

Crosshairs :You can Use the Crosshair to measure Co-ordinates and the visual Graphical distance Between any two points In the screen.This is a Unique feature which i haven’t seen In any Screen capture Utility.

Color palette : Using the Color palette you can Copy Color from the Screen as RGB, HTML,C++ or Delphi Formats.Saves quality Time when you are designing something.

Protactor : Features an Inbuilt Protactor which you can use to measure angles between two points in the screen.You can also Capture The resulting Screenshot.

Pick Pick is a Freeware. Download Pickpick

I want To run a Screen capture from My I pod or CD ?

In That case Grab Lightscreen Portable from Portable Apps. Has very lesser features as compared to Pickpick or other Screen capture programs ( e.g No image editor ) but can run from your I-pod or CD/DVD.If you already have the portable apps Suite you can Integrate the program at any time.

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