A Portable Windows Explorer With Tabbed Interface

SE Explorer is a Tiny Little portable app (1.8 Mb) That enables tabbed Viewing in your Windows  Explorer.  Apart from tabbed Viewing It has an Inbuilt web browser, Media player,Command prompt and other Rich features.

SE-explorerPortable : The Explorer can be Installed in your USB Drive so that you can carry your Tabbed explorer across multiple computers.

File manager : Using the file manager You can browse around your computer as you normally do. But the Interesting part of the File manager is the ability to copy and Move Files and Folders quickly across different folders. The file manager also comes in handy when you want to compare Two directories side by side.

In Built Web Browser : SE Explorer has an Inbuilt Web Browser so you can Browse the Web from Windows Explorer itself. So if you frequently use cyber cafe’s or other computers Just carry SE explorer on your USB.No need to Install another Portable browser in your USB Drive .

In Built Media Player : The Explorer has an In Built Media Player so you can play your Audio Video Files from The explorer. You can create and save playlist and this solves the Hassle of Continuously opening Media Player which occupies space in your task pane.When played ,the  media files will open in a new tab on the same window. Supports MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, SWF, MOV etc.

Enhanced File search : You have a File search Interface So instead of trying the default Windows Search which is Slow and Dull try this one out. It’s fast and Accurate and you can save your search results in a temporary panel which you can use later on .


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Command Prompt : The Command prompt is also available so You get everything under one central location.

The only Downside of SE explorer I found is that You can have at Most 2 tabs open. If you want to work with More tabs in Windows explorer and open Applications with a large number of folders  Use QTTabbar.

Other features Includes : Embedded size scanner , Archive explorer for ZIP, RAR ,Text viewer with syntax highlighting  and XML structure View. Download SE Explorer for Windows


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