How to Post Long Tweets That Are More Than 140 Characters

There can be situations when you may want to post long tweets that are more than 140 characters. The problem is predominant, when you are mentioning a lot of people with large twitter profile names and these is less space for the actual tweet.

There are so many web services which lets you post tweets more than 140 characters. Most of these services shorten the long tweet and link to the actual version, which may not be always useful. Your followers have to click through the shortened link to read the complete long tweet, return back to their Twitter timeline and then send a reply. Due to this reason, some of your followers may completely ignore your shortened tweet anyway.

Now here is a neat way to publish longer tweets to your Twitter profile – Tall Tweets.

Developed by veteran blogger Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration, Tall tweets takes a different approach for tweeting long tweets that are more than 140 characters.

Tall Tweets will split your long tweet into smaller chunks that are less than 140 characters and publish them to your Twitter profile in one shot. The tweets are numbered in such a way that they can be read from top to down, inside any Twitter client. The hyperlinks are shortened using and the app uses Oauth for verification, so you don’t have to enter your Twitter account’s credentials.

To see Tall Tweets in action, watch the video below:



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