Power Data Recovery: Recover Any kind of Files from DVD/CDs or Damaged Disc Partitions

There are numerous data recovery tools available on the internet that allows you to recover lost data from your external drives, auxiliary drives, USB drives and SD cards. Softwares like On-Track Recovery, Undelete 360 gives you multi-dimensional ways for recovering data but you will often find these tools to be lacking in some way or the other.

So I recently came across a problem in which I had to recover lost data from a partially broken storage medium that is an optical disc (DVD containing my music collection). I set on a quest to search for a feature rich recovery tool that will give me an added set of options to recover lost data from my damaged DVD. Power Data Recovery is the name of the recovery software that I came across during my search.


Power Data Recovery is indeed a very precious addition to the recovery tools available out there, mainly so because it upholds the idea of recovering data from lost disk partition or any damaged disc and the best part is that it allows users to retain files from any CD/DVD.

Using this particular tool, users can recover their lost data from multiple types of storage mediums commonly available and it also allows users to recover lost data in numerous ways employing series of features embedded in the software.

Recovering the Data from Power Data Recovery

Using Power Data Recovery users can filter files by:

  • Size of the file
  • Modified Date/Time
  • File Extension
  • File Creation

The main user interface of Power Data Recovery shows various kinds of recovery types that this software supports. It includes undelete recovery, lost partition recovery, CD/DVD recovery, digital media recovery and the damaged partition recovery. Selecting any of the above mentioned categories will start the recovery process. The time it normally takes to recover lost files of any kind completely depends upon the amount of damage that has occurred to any selected partition.

Power Data Recovery works on all the versions of Microsoft Windows including XP, Vista and Windows 7.

[Download Power Data Recovery]


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