Prevent Windows From Hibernating Or Logging Off When You Are Away

You can define a minimum time out duration from Windows power options, after which the computer will hibernate or shutdown if it’s being inactive for the last 15 minutes or so. This is a useful feature – you don’t want the computer to run when it’s not doing anything.

But sometimes, the power options needs to be changed too. For example – you are downloading a movie or a torrent and want the computer to stay on while the files have finished downloading. You want to leave the desk and come back after an hour to see that all files have finished downloading.

In such situations, you have to manually override the Windows Power options by choosing a different plan – hit OK, Save all changes … pretty long list of steps.

Insomnia is a freeware tool which prevents Windows from hibernating, shutting down or logging off while you are not present in front of the computer. It works simple – just double click the Insomnia.exe file and a window pops up, as shown below:

Minimize the window and leave your desk. No need to change Windows power options or see whether the computer is configured to sleep, hibernate or auto shutdown after a specified time interval. As long as the window is open, windows won’t hibernate or shut down on it’s own.

This little application is extremely useful when you are downloading large amount of files, watching a movie on big screen or doing monotonous tasks which do not need your presence. Let the app keep your computer awake.

Closing the Insomnia window immediately restores whatever sleep mode was in effect before it was run. Handy !

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