SuperPreview : Test Your Websites For Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Internet Explorer is among the most used browsers of present times. However, it is also the most annoying one. Every time I try fixing up a CSS file, I got caught in a strange anomaly of this browser. You can overcome situations like this by loading separate CSS files for different browsers. But to test it properly needs all three (four as IE 9 is about to release) versions of the browser installed which is quite problematic. Thanks to Microsoft, that they have finally brought out a tool that can be used to check how the websites look in different versions of Internet Explorer.

[Download Microsoft SuperPreview]

The tool looks promising but unfortunately it only shows the preview in IE 6 and IE 7. The tool gives you in detailed review CSS styling of the webpage when you hover on any element. You can also alter the browser resolution to see the changes. The comparing frames can be placed in four different manners to compare the different previews. As a whole SuperPreview has earned my respect for including IE 6 which I think has the most troubling CSS rendering.

You can also try online tools like Browsershots to get a preview of your website as rendered on most of the browsers available nowadays. Internet explorer 9 is about to come and hence its wise to get ready for that too. Check out the preview of Internet Explorer 9 and be sure your website looks okay within it.


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