Get a Printed Paperbook Of Facebook Status Updates And Twitter Tweets

Facebook has recently allowed users to download their Facebook account information as a zip file but the drawback is that your Facebook status updates aren’t backed up. You get all the photo albums, friend lists and other assets, but the status messages aren’t backed up.

Book of Fame attempts to fill this gap by letting users download their Facebook status messages as a printed paper notebook.

The printed notebook will consist of 200 to 320 pages of blank paper, this depends whether you choose a hardcover or paperback version. Every page will contain a status update and it’s time-stamp at the bottom. The pages are kept empty so that you can write thoughts, notes, earlier memories and fun elements at a later point of time.

The amazing thing about Book of Fame is that you can not only print your Facebook status messages on paper, but you can also select to print the status updates of some or all of your Facebook friends as a printed scrapbook.

The service is not free, you have to pay a sum of  $18/€18 for the hardcover version while the paperback notebook costs $14/€14 (excluding shipping costs and taxes). Book of Fame also has a sister site called TweetNotebook, which lets you create a printed hard cover archive of your Tweets.

The only drawback found is that you are not allowed to select which of the status updates or Tweets appear in the printed handbook. The status messages of yours and that of your friends are randomly grouped by the application itself.

All in all, I really liked the idea of BookofFame. Just imagine – you can create a hard copy archive of random Facebook status updates (or Twitter tweets) and gift it to someone special, or hang an update on your living room’s wall. Thanks Martin

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