Privacy Eraser – All in One Privacy Eraser for Windows

Windows is widely popular and trustworthy Operating System used by millions of people from all over the world. Every system i.e. Windows, Mac, Android etc. always keeps some temporary files when someone installs and removes anything. On the other hand, browsers layup cache, cookies and other indispensable files to provide a better browsing experience.

Delete Details

In most of the time, it plays great but sometime you can get different problems due to those temporary files. Moreover, your system definitely requires some memory to store them.

To get rid of these temporary files, here is a Windows software, which works something like CCleaner, the popular Windows system management tool. This software is known as Privacy Eraser. Even if, it is a premium software but you can try the trial version before purchasing.

Privacy Eraser Features

The most interesting thing is you can get all these features in single software, called Privacy Eraser.

How to use Privacy Eraser?

This is however very easy since the interface has minimum features to do all the useful tasks. After installing it in your PC, just open it. You will get an interface something like the following picture:

Privacy Eraser User Interface

If you want to get a complete scan details, just hit the Scan button. Within a few seconds, you will get a result as follows:

Privacy Eraser Scan Result

Now, you can three options.

  • Clean files one by one by doing this. Right click on the desired option and click Quick Clean
  • You can Clean and Restart your PC, which is recommended.
  • You can also Clean and Shut Down your PC.

If you do not want to erase your browsing data (for example) or something else, you can skip that by doing a simple trick. Just navigate to the respective tab from the left pane and de-select that.

To uninstall any software using Privacy Eraser, just navigate to Tools >> App Uninstaller. Then select particular app and hit the Uninstall button.

Uninstall Software using Privacy Eraser

After considering all the features of Privacy Eraser, it seems this is the nearest competitor of CCleaner. If you really go to compare them, I would suggest you to use both on Windows – even though CCleaner is available for others platforms.

Hope you will like this tool and use it to clear your traces.

Image Credit: Flickr

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