Developing a New Product, Sprintly Can Manage The Team And Tasks at Hand

There was no better time, where you can dream about building a startup and get it done. The entrepreneurial ventures are in their prime time now. As the chances grow, so does the competition. In a team driven mind set, collaboration and management within companies are among the foremost concerns. And that applies to small startups(with ~10 members) to enterprises (with over 10000 employees).

All of the requirements for project management will be met by,  a startup itself founded by Joe Stump And Graham Blache. In terms of project development, this web-based tool is all encompassing for the whole company, not just limited to a single development or sales department. So everyone can see what others are up to and watch instantly how much progress has been done so far.

This tool is to help coordinate the development of new products as a whole. The collaboration between developers and managers will be much more seamless experience with this tool. Users can create an item which may be story, task, defect or test, and summarizes them all together in a list. Objects can be filtered by title, tags or description. It allows users to create customized views of backlog, filtered by item type, status, people or by tag. If some task or a bug is of particular concern, by clicking a red “heart” button anyone in the company can vote that topic up.

The product development can be monitored from dashboard, ensuring wholeness. It shows a summary of how many objects and of which kind have been processed in the last seven days. Objects are grouped together according to their status and priority in a display they call Kanban board. In the Kanban board, the individual objects also move to another state. All this simplifies the semantic analysis of the product. This service also integrates GitHub, Beanstalk, and Bitbucket. New bugs and tasks can be created by emailing them to product’s specific email address under

Trello is an alternative of but I find this tool more compact whereas Trello works like ‘for each task, a card’ basis. There is a 30 day trial to get started with after which the service costs $9 per user per month. A reasonable price for a team with a sizable amount of employee management tasks. As a whole the tool is a good choice to handle project management online.

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