SendGenie Let’s You Quickly Send Files To a Group Of People From Your Windows or MAC Computer

Working with a group of people on a project may involve sharing and receiving files at regular intervals. You have to send documents, screen mockups, project ideas, PDF’s and what not. Often times you need to send files via email to multiple recipients and you may want to quickly upload them from your desktop. In such cases, SendGenie can be really handy.

SendGenie is a new file sharing service (currently in Beta) which allows easy file sharing from Windows and MAC computers. Once the file sharing client is installed, you can add or import contacts from your email account and create specific contact groups. For example: Create a group for designers, one for the devs and another one for the marketing or PR team.

When you are done with adding the email contacts and creating the groups, you can quickly upload one or a bunch of files from your desktop and email the recipients a link to download the file(s). The interesting thing is the “Groups” feature which lets you quickly upload a single file from your desktop and allow multiple people to download the same copy of files from either their SendGenie desktop client or from their email inbox.


SendGenie also allows quick file uploading from your Windows clipboard, so if you can simply “Paste” the file in the SendGenie UI and the file is instantly uploaded to SendGenie’s servers. A link will be sent to the recipients, the moment the file has finished uploading.

SendGenie can also be used as a quick file backup service. If you’re not the type of person who uses Dropbox or Windows Live Skydrive for offsite backups and prefer using your email account for backing up documents, photos, PDF’s, PowerPoint Presentations and other important project files – SendGenie is just the backup solution you might consider using.

Simply add yourself as a contact in SendGenie UI, create a filter in your email account and you’re ready for quick file backups from your desktop. Whenever you need to backup an important document, photo or a screenshot to your email, simply drag and drop the file to SendGenie UI and hit “Upload”.

The file will be backed up on SendGenie’s servers and a link will be sent to your Email account.

SendGenie also allows desktop as well as email notifications whenever you receive new files from anyone. The service is currently in Beta and no information of file size limits or the number of files were provided on the website.

But looking at the simplicity and the user friendliness, I think SendGenie will stick around for some time.

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