2 Easy Ways To Quit All Running Applications In MAC OSX

The one thing tht sets apart a mac computer from Windows is its stability and robustness. Less crashes, no maintainence and more robust workflow. I switched to a mac system about a year ago and do not regret the change.

However, there are times when your OSX computer hangs and you have to force quit some or all applications to bring it to life. If you are like me and use a sea of open applications all the time, here are a few tips to force quit running applications in mac.

Command  + Option + Esc

Instead of right clicking every other application in your OSX dock and choosing “Quit”, you can try this keyboard shortcut. Hit Command + Option + Esc and this will bring in a menu where you can choose which running applications you want to force quit in mac.


This is probably the fastest and easiest way to force quit running apps on mac, without having to individually close them one by one. Note that you can use this keyboard shortcut to close multiple applications in one shot. 

Note If you don’t want to remember the keyboard shortcut for quitting running applications in osx, hit the Apple menu at the left top corner of Finder and choose “Force Quit”. See example.

Create a simple Automator App That Kills Running Applications In One Click

If you are a little Geeky and like to automate things on your computer, it is indeed a good idea to create an “Automator” app that closes all running applications in one click.

It works like this. You launch the “Automator” application from Mac’s spotlight and choose to create a new automator application.

Next, type “Quit all applications” in the search box (placed right next to the variables and drag and drop that action in the “workflow” panel on the right.

Finally, save your new “Automator” app that you just created in your “Applications” folder. You’re done with the setup, it should not take more than a minute or two.

Now is the fun part. All you need to do is add the Automator app to your mac-osx dock. So when you want to quit all open applications in macbook air or in your iMac or MBP, all you have to do is hit the “Quit all applications” icon in the dock and it will be done. [ via ]


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