How to Read Emails as an RSS Feed and Save time

If you get a large number of emails and do not wish to check your email every now and then then one good idea is to read emails as an rss feed right from your feed reader.

You can use Microsoft outlook to get desktop notifications while you have a New mail but still i would prefer RSS  over desktop email clients as they are simpler and requires less resources.

Here are 3 useful web services that let you read emails as an Rss feed

Mailbucket : Mailbucket can be used to create Rss feeds for your incoming emails and you can subscribe to that RSS feed to read the email in your Feed reader. To use mailbucket you do not require any sign ups. Follow the steps mentioned below :

1.Login to your Email account and forward all your mails to The term “anyname” can be replaced by anything you choose ( for example : ).

2.After you have forwarded your emails to that address you can Pick your email feed at

You can create as many feeds as you want with Mail bucket so if you want to get only selected emails as RSS feeds you can create a filter in your email account and forward only selected emails to the Mailbucket address.

Points to Note : Please note that  the email feeds are not protected by passwords so you should choose something typical like : so that your Email feed becomes and nobody can guess it.You can also Mark email as spam from your mailbucket email feed.,

Here is a screenshot of my feed reader (Feeddemon) and you can see how my emails are received as feeds


To RSS.Net : To rss is a similar tool but much Flexible than Mailbucket. To use TORSS Log in to your Email account and enable POP and IMAP for all mail. Next go to the To RSS page and enter your email address and password. Select your email provider and you are done. The feed will be generated to which you can subscribe to and read your email as Rss feeds in your feed reader.

In addition to that To Rss also provides you with a email address so you can forward your emails to the To rss email account without revealing your original email address and password.

Create a temporary Email RSS feed with Dodge it

The idea is simple. You just pick any random address at Dodgeit ( suppose : ) and its created instantly. You can use that email address for temporary signups in other websites. The best part is that this service do not require any passwords and you need to remember your username only. Dodge it is Best when you want to create temporary disposable email addresses

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