Read It Later – Online Tool For Saving Links to Read later

These days the internet being the best source for information we spend a lot of time reading and posting information on websites, blogs, feeds etc. With so high user interaction the knowledge database is mammoth and is getting even bigger every second. So we filter them to keep track but that also fails to ease the task.

The last option left is to postpone the reading task for later. Read it later is a nice tool to postpone your tasks which are synced across the web (computer, mobile phones).

Read it later is a web based tool that can save your links for future reading. The better part is, as the tool is web based the links are synced. If you are reading something on your mobile waiting for the train and suddenly the train arrives, just save the link using read it later. Next time you find a Computer, open your account and resume reading the saved link.

How to Set up Read It Later :

1. Go to Read It Later website and sign up for a free account. You will be redirected to your reading profile and the list will be empty as you had just started.

2. Download the relevant app(s) from the list below

Now your Read it later account is ready to be explored, lets see how to do that in the following section.

How to Use Read It Later :

1. I will be demonstrating how to use Read it later using Google Chrome. After you have installed the two extensions, you will find two icons.

#1 This is the Postpone Adder. This will help you add items to your postponed list.

#2 This one is the Postpone Manager which manages stuffs like the postpone list, your account etc.

2. Click the “Postpone Adder” and you will be asked to enter your account details. Enter the account credentials that you used to sign up.

3. Anytime you need to add any page in your Read it Later list, just use the Postpone Adder. Enter suitable details that will help you find the page later.

4. To read the saved webpages later, just open the list using the Postpone Manager. There will be a ticker on the Postpone Manager which will notify you about the number of unread links you have in there.

That is all. You can now postpone your reading tasks for future. You can check on this list later on using your office computer or your mobile device (with a Read it later app) while on the go. If you use any other medium to postpone your reading tasks just let us know via comments.

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