Read Long Articles Spanned Over Multiple Pages With iReader

Some websites split long articles over multiple pages, you have to click through a link at the bottom to read the rest of the article. The article may be a huge list of something and the editor decided to split the entire content on multiple parts e.g part1, part 2 and so on.

Example: Here is an article at that is spanned over 4 pages, you have to click the links at the bottom and reload the page to read the entire article.

If you want a simple way to read articles that are spanned over multiple pages at one place (without reloading the page), try the iReader extension for Firefox or Google Chrome

After installing iReader, you can hit the small “R” icon at the browser address bar to get a clutter free reading environment. The extension removes, advertisements, widget and other on page distractions. Have a look below:

Read Articles spanned over multiple=

The entire article is loaded over a scrollable window, which auto scrolls as you move towards the bottom of the iReader page. Hence, if the article is spanned over say 10 pages, you don’t have to click through each “Next” link at the bottom of the page to read the remaining portion.

All the links, images, YouTube videos and other embedded media remain active, you can click through a link to open it on a new browser tab or window. The extension also adds quick sharing options so that you can share the article over Twitter, Facebook or email a friend. Handy !

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Distraction Free Reading With Evernote

If you use Evernote for bookmarking webpages and taking notes, you will find the Clearly extension immensely useful. This extension allows you to format webpages for easier reading and clip the formatted page to your Evernote account for later reference. Clearly removes advertisements, widgets, buttons and other on page clutter, so you can just read the article and clip it to your Evernote account. Simple!



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