Read Quora Answers From The Comfort of Your Feed Reader

I am a very active Quoran, I read a lot everyday and I also write answers on various topics. This is a good way to learn new things and actively participate in healthy discussions.

If you have a growing list of followers and following in Quora, it becomes difficult to manage your reading list. You don’t want to read everything since you have little control on what shows up on your news feed. You may miss a very important answer or a question, since News feed is not exclusive in nature (it depends when you are checking your Quora news feed and the recent upvotes from your following list).

So here are a few problems with Quora newsfeed:

  • You have little control on what shows up on your Quora news feed. You can either unfollow a topic or mute a question but that doesn’t help you filter noise from signal. If any of your followers upvote a question you don’t want to see, you will still see it.
  • Quora news feed is a good way to quickly grasp what new questions your following list is answering or reading. However, it is not a good reflection of what you actually “want to read”.
  • If you have a good list of followers on Quora, you get a lot of notifications each day which might distract you from the real reading you want to do.

A much better way to read Quora answers is to use a Feed reader. I use Feedly as my feed reader and it helps me read all the answers around a Quora topic, question or people, without having to login to Quora every now and then.


Head over to Feedly and hit the “Add content” button. Now enter the URL of the topic, question or the user page and you can read all the content from your feed reader. It is a good idea to organize topics, questions and user feeds into separate folders.


A feed reader is a distraction free way to read Quora answers. It also allows you to track specific topics, questions, users and answers which is not possible through Quora. There is no way to mark a topic or  question as “Read” and I have seen questions repeating themselves in the news feed, which is not a very pleasant experience.

The only catch is that you cannot follow new topics or users from your Feed reader. Otherwise, a feed reader is a very effective way to read Quora topics, since you can quickly scan the headlines and decide what you want to read and what you want to skip.

Feedly does a good job in identifying the RSS feed of a topic, answer, user or question, so you don’t have to do the groundwork.

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