Read WhatsApp Message without Notifying the Sender

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app that is readily available for almost all platforms out there. In fact, WhatsApp is trying to enter into the desktop and web world silently. They have already launched the web version of WhatsApp to the world, which was a massive buzz in the tech world. However, WhatsApp is popular because of features, ease of use and availability.

In terms of features, WhatsApp is probably the best instant messaging app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and all. You will get several awesome features to do something faster and with ease. This is one of the things that makes the app even more popular.

Read whatsapp message without sending blue tick

WhatsApp has a nice feature call Read Receipts or blue tick that helps the sender to know whether the read has read his/her message or not. That means, if someone has sent a message on WhatsApp and if you have read that, the sender will find double blue tick along with the message on WhatsApp. This particular feature has an advantage as well as disadvantage.

The advantage is you will know whether the reader has read the message or not. Therefore, you can communicate with the reader better. At the same time, the disadvantage is if you do not want to reply to the sender right away, the sender may feel awkward and a confliction may be produced between you and the sender or reader. Therefore, here are two different methods those will let you rear WhatsApp message without notifying the sender.

Read WhatsApp Message without Notifying the Sender

There are two different methods and both are working pretty good. You do not have to use any third party software to get things done. WhatsApp itself has the feature.

Method #1 – Disable Blue Tick

This is probably the best method that you can use to read WhatsApp message without sending the blue tick. WhatsApp has the option and you can make use of that right away without any problem. Just open your WhatsApp app, go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy and disable Rear Receipts.

Disable Read Receipt on WhatsApp

That’s it!

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Method #2 – Go to Airplane Mode

This is a time consuming yet working trick. Whenever, WhatsApp receives a message from anyone, it stores it. It happens for text messages only though. That means, you need internet connection to get the message and to send the blue tick or read receipt. To read the message, there is no need to have internet connection. Therefore, you can go on Airplane mode after getting a message. This is time consuming because you will have to enable Flight mode every time after getting a message.

Bonus – Method #3 – Read from Status Bar

This is another tricky method. Whenever, you get a message on WhatsApp, it shows a notification on your status bar. Therefore, you can read the message from there without opening WhatsApp. This is a simple trick and very time saving as well.

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