How to Rearrange Action Center Icons in Windows 10

If you have Windows 10, you know how good Windows 10 is. Features wise, this is probably the best OS that Microsoft has ever developed. It has been improving day by day by Microsoft as well as users. In Windows 10, you can find plenty of new features. One little yet very helpful feature is Action Center.

Action Center helps users to get all the system/app notifications. Apart from that, you can find some most used icons such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Location, Airplane Mode, Tablet Mode, VPN and more others. Microsoft has placed these icons in Action Center to let users do things faster. For example, suppose you want to enable or disable Wi-Fi. Instead of open Settings Panel, you can simply head over to Action Center and click on the corresponding Wi-Fi button to get things done.

The same thing can be done with Bluetooth, Location Services, Airplane Mode, Quiet Hours, VPN etc. You are just one click away from enabling or disabling a particular function. By default, Windows 10’s Action Center shows Tablet Mode, Connect, Note and All Settings icons on the top. If you expand the action center icons, you can find more aka all the others.

However, most of the people use the collapsed Action Center. That means, if you use such thing, you will get only four icons those are placed on the top. Now, suppose, it takes time to expand the Action Center. At such moment, you can simply replace those preset four icons with your own choice. That implies, you can rearrange Action Center icons in Windows 10. For that, you do not need any third party software as the new Settings Panel has the option to make the change.

How to rearrange Action Center Icons in Windows 10

Rearrange Action Center Icons in Windows 10

At first, you have to open new Settings panel. For that, you can go to Start menu and click on Settings or search for that in Taskbar Search Box or Cortana or you can press Win + I together. Here you will get System settings. Under system settings, you can find Notifications & actions. Switch your tab to that.

Rearrange Action Center Icons

Here, you will get all those predefined icons of Action Center. Just click on this and select your desired icon instead of the selected one.

That’s it! The change doesn’t require any start or log off. You can find the changes immediately.


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