Record And Save Audio Recordings In Evernote For Windows And MAC

Imagine this – you are attending a conference and want to record the audio so that you can hear it when you are on your way back home. At the same time, you want to jot down notes and important points from the event so that you have a handy reference to start with, when you cover the story on your blog.

How do you record the audio as well as type notes and live blog the event? You can pull out your mobile and record the video or audio but then again, you have to hold the phone on one hand and type notes with the other. This is not possible and puts you in an awkward situation.

There is a simple workaround – use Evernote. Evernote has recently updated their Windows and MAC apps and have added support for audio notes in Evernote’s desktop application. Using Evernote’s audio notes feature, you can record audio notes and write text notes – all at the same time. It’s more like a personal secretary which records the audio interview or conversation in the background and allows you to write down text notes at the same time, without having to switch different program windows or fiddle through multiple recording apps and text editors.

Record audio notes in Evernote

When the audio recording is complete, Evernote will automatically upload the recording to your online Evernote account, so you have the option of downloading the audio file from any computer you have access to. The advantage of using Evernote is that you can instantly share the recording with your Twitter and Facebook friends or email the audio recording to someone else, without having to edit it and upload it on some third party website.

This feature is ideal for teachers, students and corporate people who have to attend or give lectures, PowerPoint demonstration and interviews every other day. Start your laptop, fire up Evernote’s desktop app, plug in a microphone and you are all set to write down text notes and record the audio speech.

There is no limit on the file size of the recording and Evernote gives you an ample time of 90 minutes as the maximum length of a single audio recording. Once the recording is complete, you can download it as a WAV file or attach it to one of your existing notes created in Evernote.

Another great addition to Evernote’s desktop application is the ability to playback the audio directly from Evernote. There is no need to launch an external media player application and find the audio file you just recorded. Evernote will let you playback the audio and create text notes parallely – this is ideal when you are listening to an interview and preparing a text transcript.

The only downside is that the audio notes feature is not yet available on Evernote’s online dashboard or in the browser extension. That would have been a desktop killer!

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