Record Live Video Conferences With Your Webcam And Share With Anyone

Wetoku is a very useful website which lets a group of people create video conferences online. The idea is very neat – sign up for a free account, start a video conference and invite collaborators whom you want to join the conference by sending them the invitation link.

The participants can then start their own web camera and record their videos simultaneously. The conference is recorded live which means the participants can talk with each other, show demos or present anything and the screencast of all the participants will be synchronized.

When the conference ends, all the videos will be uploaded to your Wetoku account and you are given a link to share the conference with anyone or embed it in your blog or website.

Here is an example of a video conference recorded using Wetoku.

Record Live video ScreencastsThe best thing about the service is that all the videos can be played side by side. That means, you can position the individual clips to any part of the video and don’t have to waste time with video editing tools. Another similar service is Eyejot, which lets you send video emails to friends, but the advantage of Wetoku is that you can include multiple recordings side by side – ideal for comparing simultaneous discussions.

Wetoku can be considered a strong alternative to Skype. If your workplace conditions does not allow you to install video conferencing software, you can use this website to record a video conference in just a few minutes. Wetoku also saves you time from uploading the recording to any third party website like YouTube or Vimeo.

If you are a journalist or want to organize video interviews or video chats between two or more people, Wetoku is by far the best free option to consider. Thank you Richard Byrne

More tips:

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