Record Audio online and Share it on Twitter and facebook

Sometimes you may wish to record an audio file online and  share it with your friends on Facebook or twitter. Here are some useful websites that allows you to record and share an audio file with your Twitter and Facebook friends.

Share your voice on twitter with Chirps

If you want  to quickly record your voice and share the recording on Twitter, use Just click on the record button and record your voice using a microphone.

Once you have recorded your voice, add a message and click on “Tweet your audio now”. The recorded audio will be posted in your Twitter profile.

No registrations or sign ups are required to use the service and neither you need to upload any file or download any software.

In case you want to share an audio file in Twitter you can still use them. Users are allowed to upload mp3, wav, wma, acc and ogg files from their  computer or from any Web URL. It also features an i phone friendly website so if you are tweeting from your  iPhone – you can still record your voice or share an audio file on Twitter.

Users may also upload existing audio files (mp3, wav, wma, acc, ogg) from their PCs and use them instead of recordings. Each  recorded or uploaded audio has a unique URL and anyone can download your file and listen to it. (Tip: Best sites to share Music with Twitter friends)

Record audio and share on twitter and Facebook using Chirbit

Using chirbit you can record an audio online and share it with your friends on social networking sites (Twitter and Facebook) or as an RSS feed. Once your audio is recorded, users can listen to them and download the file in their computer.

In addition to that, you can upload mp3 or wav files and share them online. If you are an iPhone user, you can upload voice memos from your i phone. If you want to send a Voice recording in your personal webpage or as an email message use Vocaroo.

Tip: How to upload and share files on Facebook

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