Quick Tip: Redirect Automatically to Google Inbox From Gmail

Inbox by Google is the best compact email client ever produced by Google. Since it became invite-free, I personally started using it on my desktop and enjoying distract-free mail stream. Features like pinning, bundling, snoozing allow you to stay on top of important emails.

Inbox Email Client by Gmail

Even if you started using Inbox recently, its mechanisms may seem different than conventional Google mail. But as you get used to it, you would find that how Google put all the necessary things and eliminated unwanted ones in a material design approach. But the problem here is we need to go to Google Inbox website (or click on “Take me to Inbox” dialogue which would appear bottom right on Gmail) to use it. This happened to me a lot of times – having got used to conventional Gmail so much, my fingers would type Gmail instead of inbox.google.com in the address bar of my browser. Not only that, I still look up for some options in Inbox which are present in Gmail. Of course, options wise, you need some time to get used it, but at least for going to Gmail accidentally when you want to go to Google Inbox, there is a way.

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How To Redirect to Google Inbox Even Though You Log in In Gmail

The procedure is fairly simple. Just follow the steps below-

#1. Go to inbox.google.com and log in using your Gmail credentials as you would do generally.
#2. Scroll down the left side pane till you see Settings, which would be on the last section on the pane.
#3. Select it, then you would see a pop-up getting opened. That’s your settings section wherein you can manage multiple things including your signature and labels.
#4. Now select Other tab. There you would find an option saying Redirect Gmail to inbox.google.com with a checkbox right before to it. Check that click Done to apply. Below is the screenshot.


As you can see, you can do couple of things along with it in here – You can enable keyboard shortcuts option which would let you browse the Inbox much faster using the keys of your keyboard and you can make new email notifications stay on the screen for 30 seconds so that you would not miss important emails coming through.

That’s it. From now on, even though you open mail.google.com and log in, you automatically get redirected to Google Inbox. You can do it the other way around as well whenever you feel so. Just navigate to settings and uncheck the option to go to Gmail. Another thing which worth a mention is after you turned this feature on, you would see a Gmail redirection link getting appeared on the left pane in Google Inbox. So, just in case, if you want to access conventional Google mail interface for once or something, you can use that link instead of turning off the redirection in settings for once and turning back on again.


What do you think of this tip? Do let us know in comments.

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