Reduce Firefox Memory Usage By Loading Tabs On Demand

It happens with me every other day – I have the habit of opening multiple tabs in Firefox until I find that Firefox is responding very slowly. In such situations, you try to close some unwanted tabs but find that Firefox is not responding and the task manager window pops up in the middle – This Program is not responding. Utterly frustrating !

Bartab is a useful Firefox add-on which reduces Firefox memory usage by loading tabs on demand. On opening multiple links from the current webpage that you were reading, Bartab will not load the extra tabs until you actually switch to them.

In addition to this, the extension also allows you to free up memory by unloading the already loaded tabs, either automatically or manually.

So if you are checking your Facebook profile and want to free up memory from all the other open browser tabs, simply click the tab bar and choose “Unload all other tabs”. The extension will pause the loading of all other tabs except the current tab, which consequently reduces Firefox memory usage to a great extent. You can further select “Keep pages from loaded”, this will load all the other pages of the website which you are currently reading or browsing.

The extension preferences allows you to choose various other settings e.g whether you want to restore tabs from a previous browsing session, or whether you want to define a white list of sites that are always loaded by default. You can further choose what you want the browser to do when you switch to an unloaded tab.

All in all, Bartab is the most useful Firefox add-on which you must keep installed, if you have the habit of opening multiple Firefox tabs and often face frequent crashes.

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