How to Reduce Image Size while Sending via Mail App for iOS

There is no doubt that iOS is probably the best mobile platform out there because of having such a great stability, performance, availability of apps/games, functions and more. Each iOS device works smoothly and its features are really awesome. Apple offers a lot of in-built apps that may help you to do different things without having any third party app. Although, other competitors do the same but Apple is somehow better than them. For instance, if you want to get the co-ordinate of your location, you can simply open the Compass app, which is generally unavailable in Android mobiles.

Anyway, the Mail app of iOS is yet another awesome in-built app that has been developed by Apple – obviously. Before Gmail’s all kind of email support, Apple released the function that helped users to get any kind of IMAP enabled email account in Mail app for iOS. If you are an iOS user, you know how easy it is to synchronize your email account with your mobile or iPad.

Some of the features of Mail app for iOS is pretty cool and they are really helpful for all type of users. For example, you can reduce the image size before sending it to someone. If you have an unlimited bandwidth, you should not have any problem. However, if you have a limited bandwidth, you will certainly get some problems. There are many people, who often send captured images via email.

Mail app for iOS

iPhone’s captured images are minimum 2MB in size. Therefore, if you need to send 10 images, you will have to spend at least 22-23MB of data. Therefore, it will be a problem for many people. So, if you want, you can easily reduce image size while sending via Mail app for iOS. Obviously, the image quality will be reduced but this is fine when you are sending just a random image. The best part is you do not need any third party app in order to decrease image size by memory as well as dimension.

Reduce Image Size while Sending via Mail App for iOS

This is very easy and as no third party app is required, you should not get any kind of problem or do not need any expert knowledge. However, the corresponding options appear only when you are sending a large size of image. Anyway, if your image size is 3MB or something like that, you will get an option like this,

How to send original image using Mail for iOS

Here, you can select the image size among Small, Medium and Large. In this case, the actual image size is 3.4 MB and Large edition is about 862KB, which is 3.9 times less than actual size. Like said before, the dimension would be reduced as well.

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