How to remotely access files and folders in Windows 10

Windows 10 was introduced a few years ago by Microsoft and it has received a lot of new and useful features ever since. The current version of Windows 10 is much more polished and has a lot of interesting features than the initial release.

One of the most useful and underrated features of Windows 10 is the in built support and access to OneDrive which is Microsoft’s very own alternative to Google Drive. Unlike Google Drive where you have to download and install a separate software and then sign in using a different gmail account, OneDrive allows you to directly do the backup without the need to additionally install a software.

The best part about the OneDrive support for Windows 10 is that you don’t need a separate account for it to work as it is already synchronized with the Microsoft account you used to sign in to your PC.

However, the thing not many people know about OneDrive is that it has an unique feature called Fetch, which apparently helps you to remotely access and control your files stored on your Windows 10 PC from anywhere.

The only condition for the OneDrive fetch feature to work is that your PC should be connected to the internet and the OneDrive app should be up and running. If you want to try out this feature just follow the step by step instructions below.

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How to remotely access files and folders in Windows 10

Step 1:

Click on the OneDrive icon on your Windows 10 Taskbar and then right click on it to open the Settings Window.

Step 2:

Now select the settings tab and then enable the Let me use OneDrive to fetch option.

OneDrive remotely

Step 3:

Press Ok to save the settings and then restart the OneDrive app by closing it and then opening it from the start menu.

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Step 4:

Now go to the following website:

Step 5:

Sign in using the same Microsoft account you use to sign in to your PC.

Step 6:

From the menu on the left side of the web application select the PCs option and then choose the laptop or PC from which you want to remotely access and control the files.

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Step 7:

The app will now ask your login and password details. Enter them to complete the process.

You can now use the OneDrive web app to remotely access all the files you have shared on your computer as long as your PC is connected to the internet. You can also download the files from your PC or upload new files on the go.

OneDrive remotely

The shared files will be locked to read only by default, so if you want to edit or share them you have to first make a copy of the file by downloading it to the remote location.

If you are stuck at any process or if your OneDrive sync is not working properly, then try restarting your PC or use a different Microsoft account. If the problem still persists, Uninstall the OneDrive app completely and reinstall it to try again.

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