The Problem With WordPress Contact Form Plugins and Why you Should Dump Them

WordPress contact form plugins are an easy way to create a contact form on your blog. You can use a simple shortcode to display the contact form in a page, in a post or may be in the sidebar. Contact form plugins are really good, but there is a serious problem often ignored.

The Problem With WordPress Contact Form Plugins

I have earlier used CForms and Contact form 7 plugins in this blog. No doubt, both these Plugins are great but both of them insert some scripts in your header. These scripts are called from every page of your blog which reduces the page load time considerably.

Lets look at what  the Contact form 7 plugin does. When you activate the plugin, it inserts a custom CSS and a JavaScript file in the header as shown below :


Save these two files and open both the files with any HTML editor. Look at the source code and you will find that  both these files contain huge lengths of code. The JavaScript file is a 90 line code while the CSS is a 50 Line code.

Inference : 140 Lines of unnecessary codes were  injected in every page of our blog due to the contact form plugin. There is no need to load these files on any other page except the contact page of your blog.

To fix these issues, there are 3 Options available :

1. Edit the plugin source such that the scripts and the CSS loads only on the page where contact form is used (do at your own risk ).

2. Dump the contact form plugin and design a contact page for your blog with PHP, HTML and CSS.(See our contact page)

3. Use other tools to create a simple HTML contact form and embed that code in your contact page

Removing the contact form plugin  decreased our page load time by 0.8 seconds. I will be discussing how to create a Contact Page for your blog without using any WordPress plugin. Stay tuned !



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