How to Hide Comment Activity And Notifications On Facebook For Better Privacy

Getting too many comment notifications on your Facebook account and want to turn off comment notifications and comment activity on your Facebook wall ? Here is a simple tip which will allow you to get rid off or completely remove notifications and comment activity for specific comments on your Facebook profile.

Whenever you post a comment on a photo or on a status update of any of your Facebook friends, a link of the comment is posted on your wall.

Remove Facebook comment activity and notifications

While this is useful in some situations when mutual friends can quickly find a conversation happening between two friends, there are some drawbacks too. Imagine, one of your friends have his /her Facebook profile set to “Public” by default. You posted a comment on one of his status updates or photos but don’t want non mutual friends to see that comment. In that case you can simply turn off comment notifications and all activity by clicking “Turn off” beside the comment link, as shown in the following screenshot:

Remove coment activity on Facebook

Choosing the hide comment activity has two advantages over deleting that post from your profile. First, you don’t get future notification of comments when other friends comment on the same status update, thread or photo of your friend where you commented earlier. With less number of irrelevant notifications, your Facebook account remains clean and less cluttered. Comment activity will no longer appear in the recent activity section of your Wall, if you have changed their visibility to “Hidden”. You might also want to check our earlier tips on disabling email notifications from Facebook groups, blocking Facebook questions and opting out from Facebook’s instant personalization

The second advantage of removing comment notifications is that your friends who are not present in the friend list of the person you were communicating with would not be able to trace or read the comment. In case, your friend’s profile is set to “public” by default, anyone can read the comment you posted, which is beyond your control. However, one thing you can do is remove the comment notification from your profile so that unknown people don’t have any clue of the comments you are posting, in case your profile is set to public viewing by default.

Whitson Gordon from Lifehacker has some more tips dealing with Facebook emails and quoting selected texts.


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