Don’t Like Facebook Timeline? Here is How To Remove Facebook Timeline Profile Layout

First off, there is no way anyone can remove Facebook timeline profile layout. There is no permanent fix to this as once you have agreed to use Facebook timeline profile, it is irreversible. You can’t switch to older Facebook profile and get rid of timeline from Facebook.

I hate Facebook timelines. My initial expression was “Wow, this is going to be great” but honestly, I don’t like it anymore. It is  way slow, noisy and makes simple things difficult to find. Not to forget the live ticker on the right and the giant chat sidebar that surpasses through the screen, quite an annoying experience for many.

If you don’t like timeline profiles on Facebook and want to remove it or switch to the classic Facebook profile, here are some easy workarounds.

Use Internet Explorer To Get Back Old Facebook Profile

Remove Facebook timelines in Internet ExplorerIt turns out that the new timeline profiles are not very well optimized for older versions of Internet Explorer. If you login to Your Facebook account from Internet Explorer 7, there is a chance that you will see the classic profile and not the timeline. Windows XP users can try logging into Facebook via Internet Explorer 6 and they would see no timelines, live ticker and chat sidebar at all. Facebook is reduced to its bare minimum in Internet Explorer because of design and rendering issues.

Like I said, this is just a workaround as your timeline profile layout is not deactivated from your Facebook account. If you use Internet Explorer as your main browser, downgrade to an older version and bid adieu to timelines on Facebook.

At least for the time being!

Remove Facebook Timeline Layout In Google Chrome And Firefox

If using Internet Explorer sounds like too much effort, there are browser extensions available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari which kind of deactivates Facebook timelines, only for users who have installed the extension.

Head over to, choose your browser, install the extension and you’re done. Refresh your Facebook profile and you would see the classic profile layout back, an example is shown below:

Get back old Facebook profile layout

This hook brings some of the old Facebook goodness back e.g the row of tagged photos, simple profile view and quick access to bookmarks on the right. This hack introduces an Internet Explorer rendering engine only for the domain, hence this is not a permanent fix. Your friends will continue to view your profile in the timeline view, so if you are worried whether they are reading information they should not have access to, why not clean up old stuff using activity log?


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