Remove Empty Folders and Broken Shortcuts From Windows Start Menu With Start Menu Cleaner

When you install new programs in Windows, a start menu entry is automatically created. The Windows start menu entry is very useful at times, you can simply type the name of program in the search box, hit Enter and then click the program icon to launch it.

But as you continue to install more and more programs and software applications, the size of the Start menu gets bigger and bigger. Uninstalling and removing some programs may or may not delete the start menu entry which may leave your Windows start menu very cluttered.

This results in broken shortcuts and empty folders in start menu, you can remove these shortcuts manually or use Start menu cleaner as a smart alternative.

Start menu cleaner is a free portable application for Windows which lets you delete empty start menu folders and shortcuts. All you have to do is select the desired option from the program preferences and hit Start.

The program can detect empty start menu folders and delete them permanently or to the recycle bin. You can also use the tool to scan your desktop and delete the broken shortcuts. Any shortcut pointing to a network folder or a removable drive can be excluded, which is nice if you want to keep some shortcuts safe.

If you want to remove entries from the Windows right click context menu, read this guide on how to remove useless entries from Windows right click context menu.

The program works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and we tested the program on Windows7.

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