Remove The Ugly Black Navigation Menu Bar From Search Result Pages

From the past couple of weeks, Google has been experimenting a major design overhaul of search result pages on The design changes were randomly tested on different users and it appears that Google has finally implemented the newer design on

Here is how the new design of looks like:

Google's new design black navigation bar

There is a new black navigation bar on and the size of Google logo has also been reduced in width and height. The black navigation menu bar on Google will appear across all Google products, whether you are using Gmail, Google Reader, Google Maps or Google Translate – this ugly menu bar is here to stay!

However, if you don’t like the new menu bar of and want to hide or remove it, here is a Greasemonkey script which will come handy.

Disable Google black Bar is a nifty little Greasemonkey script which will let you remove Google’s black menu bar entirely from search result pages and from all the sites where this menu bar appears. So if you hate this newer design of Google and want to see the previous clean layout of, install the userscript and completely hide Google’s navigation bar from the design view.

Here is how the Google homepage and search result pages look, once you have installed the userscript:

Switch to classic Google - remove black menu bar

Keith Dsouza, the developer of the userscript says that he is working on improving the Userscript to change the black bar to an earlier version of

Google says in a blog post that the new design is geared towards more focus and usability but I found the black menu bar on extremely distracting and decided to remove it completely. I hardly use the navigational links but since I perform a lot of search every single day, I don’t want to see a cluttered user interface.

Disable Google Black bar is a free download, works in Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Update: Those who want to retain Google’s top menu bar and only want to change the color from Black to white, should instead install this userscript. Thanks Martzuid for tipping us in the comments section.


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